To launch your start-up or to open your branch in northern Italy, a few kilometers from the Milan Malpensa international airport, just a rented office is not enough! The current market condition and, in particular, the complexity of Italian legislation are such that it is necessary for the entrepreneur to turn to excellent consultants.


Don't worry, OfficeNow Business Center, Milan Malpensa area, is connected to a number of serious, competent and confidential professionals able to advise you in the best possible way.

By entering OfficeNow Business Center, you will not only have a beautiful office, but a range of optional services, designed for your needs, capable of supporting your company at 360°. In a constantly moving world, the professionals selected by OfficeNow will follow you during all moments of corporate reality, advising you in the best possible way and allowing you to make all decisions in the quickest, most conscious and informed way.

A real help that is provided by those who encounter problems related to company activities every day.

OfficeNow Business Center, Milan Malpensa area: You can dedicate yourself completely to your business, we'll take care of the rest.


List of additional OfficeNow Business Center services, optional:

  • Support service for the start-up phase;

  • Legal and fiscal domiciliation service;

  • Corporate and contractual consultancy, fiscal and tax consultancy;

  • Administrative and accounting services;

  • Monthly or quarterly reporting services;

  • Assistance services in tax litigation, consultancy services for extraordinary transactions, drafting of business plans and final balance sheets, tax planning services, legal or voluntary auditing services, legal consultancy services;

  • Translation service for company documents, brochures and websites;

  • Website creation, optimized according to the latest SEO techniques (search engine optimization) for better inclusion in search engines;

  • Professional email address on the domain of your website, with anti-spam filter;

  • IT assistance for configuring your own geographic VoIP telephone numbers;

  • Data space on FTP servers, SQL databases and website hosting on really fast and reliable servers;

  • Data backup on tapes with long shelf life (15-30 years);

  • Printing, scanning, laminating and binding services for A4 documents;

  • Cafeteria, cold drinks and catering services;

  • Technical support always present in the business center;

  • Warehouse space for 80x120 and 100x120 euro pallets, forklift with specialized personnel and loading-unloading area for parcel preparation.

  • Landline telephone line with dedicated number, fax numbershared, including incoming calls

  • Receptionist service

  • Reception of large parcels, warehouse space for euro pallets with loading/unloading area and parcel preparation 

  • Forklift service for loading/unloading pallets,also from/on trucks

  • A4 document printing service, with B/W and color laser printer 

  • A4 Document Scanning Service

  • Lamination and binding services, A4 documents 

  • Layout, printing and display of 100×70 picture inside the structure

  • Outgoing phone calls and outgoing FAXs

  • Call Forwarding

  • Virtual telephone switchboard, VoIP PBX

  • Tailor-made electrical systems and special data

  • Extra cleaning services

  • Accountant service, fiscal and tax assistance

  • Registered office / Local unit to be declared to the Chamber of Commerce

  • Website hosting, website creation, SEO (search engine optimization)

  • Data space on FTP server

OfficeNow, ufficio in affitto a Gallarate, giardino entrata

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