OfficeNow, the elegant and functional business center

OfficeNow-business-center-relaxation-area-furnished-office, elegant and functional business center

Choosing an elegant and functional business center for your work activity can be the turning point for your business. The OfficeNow business center, located just a few minutes from Milan Malpensa international airport, is the right choice for you. At the heart of OfficeNow business center, the common areas are designed to offer […]

OfficeNow: daytime office for rent

The OfficeNow business center, located a few kilometers from the Milan Malpensa international airport and a few minutes from the Gallarate station and the motorway entrance, offers the possibility of renting an office by the day. This solution brings many advantages to those who have decided to focus on the future and to those who manage their business mainly online, but […]

OfficeNow: the Modern Business Center Sponsor of 'Varese Retrocomputing 2023'

OfficeNow, Malpensa business center, modern business center, north Italy, Cairate, Varese.

On 17 September 2023, an unmissable event for lovers of technology and IT was held at the charming Villa Truffini in Tradate (VA): the 'Varese Retrocomputing 2023' exhibition. This fascinating exhibition attracted enthusiasts, experts and curious people from all over the area. Among the main sponsors of this extraordinary event was OfficeNow. The Business […]

OfficeNow: Bill-free office for rent

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Are you looking for an office for rent without bills? In recent years, the workspace landscape has undergone a significant evolution, leading to the creation of innovative solutions such as the bill-free rental offices offered by OfficeNow. This option, increasingly popular among entrepreneurs and professionals, presents a series of unique advantages that make the environment […]

Office for rent very quickly

office for rent very quickly, OfficeNow, Varese business center, Malpensa business center

The speed with which you start a business is fundamental to entrepreneurial success. If you are looking for an office to rent very quickly in the province of Varese, you should consider OfficeNow, a business center that allows you to start working immediately. In this article, we will explore the benefits of OfficeNow and how its […]

OfficeNow: the perfect meeting room for digital influencers

OfficeNow Malpensa business center, meeting room, digital influencers, video room

If you use your social accounts such as YouTube, TikTok and Instagram on a professional level and need a professional space to record corporate presentation, informational or educational course videos, you are in the right place. OfficeNow, one of the main business centers in the province of Varese, offers a meeting room specifically designed to satisfy […]

Are you looking for a serviced office near Malpensa?

OfficeNow, business center, furnished office near Malpensa

If you are looking for a furnished office near Malpensa in a high-quality business center, OfficeNow is the ideal solution for you. In this article, we will provide you with all the information you need about OfficeNow and its office rental services. OfficeNow is a modern and innovative business center located in an area […]

How to choose the right office for your needs

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When starting a business or looking for a new workspace, the choice of office is a fundamental step to guarantee efficiency, productivity and comfort for your collaborators. However, to choose the right structure, it is important to consider some factors. Size of the office The size of the office is a very important factor to keep in mind, because you have to choose […]

Long-term or short-term rental? Which one to choose?

OfficeNow, long term rental, short term rental

When deciding to start a new business or expand an existing business, one of the most important decisions concerns the choice of office. Among the many options available, a long-term or short-term office is among those taken into consideration most often . In this article, we will explore together the differences between these two possibilities for […]

3 reasons to rent a serviced office

OfficeNow, furnished offices for rent in Malpensa, Varese, Como, Milan. Internal corridor rental offices, furnished office

Renting a furnished office can be a winning choice for many companies, especially for those who are starting their business and do not yet have the need to buy furniture and equipment for their work space. Discover with us all the advantages that our offices can have for your business! 1. […]

OFFICENOW – Benefits of Furnished Offices at MXP

1. Flexible arrangements tailor-made for you Lease agreements generally last many years. Property owners are generally not interested in a short-term lease. This can be especially inconvenient for entrepreneurs looking for a space to start their business. OfficeNow is very flexible and has monthly plans available. […]

OfficeNow the serviced office for you near Milan Malpensa

OfficeNow l'ufficio arredato per te vicino a Milano Malpensa, ufficio in affitto in tempi brevissimi, ufficio in affitto a giornata

OfficeNow the office furnished for you near Milan Malpensa. A furnished office is a great option for businesses of all sizes operating in any industry. What is a furnished office? A furnished office is an office space that is fully furnished and equipped with utilities such as Internet and phone lines already installed and included in the monthly rent. […]

Startup Office: does your company need an office?

Startup Office: does your company need an office?

Startup Office: Does your company need an office? As a startup, you may be thinking about getting your first office space. But when is the right time to do this and what should you look for when starting your search? Let's take a look at everything you need to know about startup office spaces. Startup Office: your company […]

How your office space can improve collaborative working

How your office space can improve collaborative working

How your office space can improve collaborative working: Improving collaboration is high on the agenda of many organizations these days, regardless of whether you're adopting a traditional, hybrid, or fully remote working model. But did you know that your office space can impact collaborative working? In fact, you can also use […]

Serviced Office in Cairate (VA) USA2 VS Coworking

OfficeNow, office for rent in Gallarate, guests furnished luxury office in Varese USA2

What are the disadvantages of coworking? 1. USA2 Furnished Office VS Coworking: Non-existent privacy in coworking spaces On the first point, the privacy of your employees could be put in danger by moving to coworking spaces. All functionality will have to be shared, so there is little room for employees to do the important work in […]

Serviced Office in Cairate (VA) Italy JOB4 VS Coworking

OfficeNow, office for rent in Gallarate, JOB4 luxury furnished office guests in Varese

What are the disadvantages of coworking? 1. Distractions are everywhere in coworking People. Noise. Movement. There are a surprisingly high number of distractions in a coworking space. You might think it's a perfect workplace for concentration and focus, but it's not. You could carry out a work session in […]

Serviced Office in Cairate (VA) JOB2 VS Coworking

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What are the disadvantages of coworking? 1. Furnished Office JOB2 VS Coworking : Coworking has Lack of Exclusivity Furnished Office JOB2 VS Coworking : A challenge that the new furnished and exclusive office JOB2 wins hands down. But let's see why... If you are a company, having an exclusive office with professionals inside [...]

Serviced Office in Cairate (VA) USA1 VS Coworking

USA1 Furnished Office VS Coworking

What are the disadvantages of coworking? Lower Value for Money Many companies opt for a coworking space over exclusive private office alternatives in order to reduce overheads and save money. While this may seem advantageous, especially for small businesses and startups, most coworking memberships generally […]

OfficeNow Smart Working Offices

OfficeNow, business center, furnished office near Malpensa

OfficeNow Smart Working Offices the best choice for your work productivity. Have you noticed that by working from home your focus decreases and you are always caught up in a thousand distractions that do nothing but make you work longer hours during the day? Does working at home make you more stressed, demotivated and without energy? You […]