On September 17, 2023, the ‘Varese Retrocomputing 2023‘ exhibition took place at the impressive Villa Truffini in Tradate, North of Italy. It has been a must-attend event for technology and IT lovers. This fascinating exhibition attracted enthusiasts, experts and curious people from all over the territory. Among the main sponsors of this outstanding event was OfficeNow. The Business Center is a one-stop shop for those seeking modern, state-of-the-art solutions for their work environments.

OfficeNow Business Center: A Modern Workplace Ecosystem

OfficeNow Business Center is known for being a true pioneer in offering modern workspaces that fit the needs of businesses. This business center commitment is to provide a professional and functional work environment. To do so, it provides customers with high-quality services such as serviced offices, meeting rooms, secretarial services, and much more.

The goal of OfficeNow business center is to support businesses in developing their potential and optimizing resources. OfficeNow business center’s flexible approach allows companies to adapt the workspace to their changing needs. This makes it the ideal choice for modern, dynamic enterprises.

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Sponsorship of the ‘Varese Retrocomputing 2023’ Exposition.

OfficeNow Business Center’s choice to sponsor the ‘Varese Retrocomputing 2023’ exhibition is a clear sign of the company’s commitment in supporting the local technology and computing community. The exposition offered enthusiasts the opportunity to explore the world of retro computers and vintage technologies. This provided a bridge between past and present in the field of computing.

The event was an outstanding success, with a wide range of retro computers, consoles, games and accessories on display. Attendees had the opportunity to discover how modern computing has deep roots in the innovations of the past.

OfficeNow Business Center and the Future of Work

Sponsoring events such as ‘Varese Retrocomputing 2023’ shows that OfficeNow Business Center is more than just a workspace provider. It is an active partner in promoting technology and innovation.

In a world where technological evolution is advancing by leaps and bounds, having a modern business center like OfficeNow on your side can make the difference. By offering state-of-the-art workspace solutions and supporting cultural and technology events, OfficeNow Business Center proves to be a valuable ally for businesses aiming for a future of success and innovation.

OfficeNow business center not only has a constant eye toward the future, but always seeks to make the professional who decides to grow their business feel comfortable within the various furnished offices available. Therefore, for nostalgic lovers of the magic of the 70s, 80s and 90s, it might be inspiring to imagine their workspace furnished with objects that recall exactly those years. And what do you think? Can you imagine an office within a modern business center that connects the past and the future through nostalgic objects?

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