why officenow?

Cost savings

Rent serviced offices in OfficeNow business center Malpensa? It's convenient.

This chart simulates the cost of renting a serviced office on a temporary basis compared to renting a small office with a traditional contract. The price is significantly more competitive. The flat rate allows you to dedicate yourself to your work without further worries.

Considering the initial fixed costs to be incurred for a traditional rental, the difference is even more evident: in OfficeNow there are no contract costs, utility connection costs, furnishing costs, etc...

In OfficeNow, you not only spend less, but you benefit from cutting-edge services and highly professional and modern offices. Even benefiting from better services, with OfficeNow the annual savings can be more than €2000.00.

Expense itemTraditional rentalBusiness Center
Example of a monthly fee€ 350,00€500,00
Condominium expenses, waste tax€ 60,00€ 0,00
Heating, air conditioning€ 90,00€ 0,00
Water, electricity, internet and telephone€ 100,00€ 0,00
Cleaning, various maintenance€ 100,00€ 0,00
TOTAL€ 700,00€ 500,00
OfficeNow, furnished offices for rent in Malpensa, Varese, Como, Milan. Reception for your company

Elegance, quietness and comfort

To quickly start your new business, to receive international customers arriving at Milan Malpensa airport, to work in a more pleasant and stimulating environment, to be less tied to a standard rental contract, to be open to the opportunities that the future Reserves you, to have a branch in a new city. OfficeNow is also the ideal solution for companies that wish to open a small representative branch in Northern Italy, in a convenient and easily accessible location.

The minimalist design that characterizes the rooms arises from the desire to enhance the essential architectural elements of the structure and the large windowed surfaces that supply natural light to both the common spaces and the individual offices.

Do you want to start your business quickly?

The environment is pleasant and stimulating. OfficeNow allows you to be less tied down than a standard rental contract.

Do you want to open a branch in Northern Italy?

At a more competitive price compared to a traditional rental, OfficeNow, unlike conventional business centers, only accepts monthly, quarterly and annual plans: avoiding thehotel effect which is typical of some business centers. The maximum professionalism of all those who rent the offices is guaranteed.

Do you like an all-inclusive monthly fee?

Not only already furnished offices, but also many additional services: utilities and air conditioning already included in the price, convenient internal parking, recreation room with fridge and microwave, meeting room for conferences and much more.

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