OfficeNow business center is located just a few kilometers from Milan Malpensa International Airport and a few minutes from Gallarate rail station and the highway entrance. It offers the possibility of renting an office for one day. This solution brings many advantages to those who have decided to focus on the future and to those who run their business primarily online but need, on certain occasions, to meet with their clients.

The right office for any need

OfficeNow is a business center that offers a wide range of services, including the ability to rent a fully services office for a single day. This flexibility is essential for those who do not need a permanent full-time office, but still want a professional, well-equipped place to work as needed.

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Entry package: daytime office for rent

To meet the needs of those seeking a day office rental, OfficeNow also offers an entry package. This package allows you to purchase a certain number of admissions, which can be used at any time. In this way, you can plan your workdays according to your specific needs. Whether you need to schedule an important meeting, focus on a project, or simply change your work environment, OfficeNow’s entry package gives you the flexibility you need.

Advantage of OfficeNow

  1. Professional Environment: OfficeNow offices are impeccably furnished, providing a professional and well-equipped environment for productive work.
  2. Flexibility: With the entrance package, you can use OfficeNow’s offices whenever you want, without having to rent space full-time.
  3. Time and Money Savings: Save valuable time, avoiding the search for a temporary office, and money, with flexible and convenient solutions.
  4. Additional Services: OfficeNow offers additional services such as secretarial services, high-speed Internet connection, equipped meeting room, and more.

If you are a professional looking for a daytime office for rent that fits your evolving work needs, OfficeNow is the ideal solution. The flexibility offered by the admissions package allows you to maximize productivity and convenience, all in a professional, well-equipped environment. There’s no need to compromise when it comes to your work environment. Choose OfficeNow and create your own customized office.

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