Serviced Office JOB4 Vs Coworking: What are the disadvantages of coworking ?

1) Distractions are everywhere in coworking

Serviced Office JOB4 Vs Coworking: Coworking are full of people. Noise. Movement.

There is a surprisingly high number of distractions in a coworking space. You might think it’s a perfect place to work for concentration and focus, but it’s not.

You could have a full focus work session and all of a sudden, get a pat on your back from someone who wants to meet you.

If you want to work in a serious and structured way you need a private and exclusive space without any distraction and in full focus.

OfficeNow, serviced office for rent in Italy, Milan Malpensa MXP, Ampia scal struttura OfficeNow, Furnished offices in Varese CAOS COWORKING 1

2) Serviced Office JOB4 Vs Coworking: Coworking spaces can be very noisy

Imagine this:

You are working and you have a good concentration flow. You wear your digital headphones. You’re so focused, so productive, and your work day is going really well. Suddenly, you hear a noise and you take off your headphones. You immediately realize that a person inside the coworking space is participating in a video call with the speaker thus making the call audible for all people within the coworking space.

The meeting goes on for an hour and you just lost valuable productive time.

OfficeNow, serviced office for rent in Italy, Milan Malpensa MXP, Ampia scal struttura OfficeNow, Furnished offices in Varese CAOS COWORKING 2

3) Design and standard furniture

There is no one size fits all design, aesthetics, desk/chairs, community and space.

It’s honestly a mixture of what you’ll get in a coworking space based on owners, the city, the staff and so many other factors.

In a coworking space you will never have a high comfort to work comfortably and productively.

Coworking spaces gain from the greater number of subscriptions they can make and are designed to accommodate as many people as possible.

They are not designed for individual comfort.

That’s exactly why you need a tailor-made office for you and your every need.

Just Chaos from Coworking! Serviced Office JOB4 VS Coworking

Choose tranquility and exclusivity with JOB4 Exclusive Office:

Professional serviced office JOB4 can hold up to 2 workstations.

Designed for freelancers or students.

With 9 sqm it is equipped with large window and bookcases to hold everything you need.

With OfficeNow JOB4 you will have:

-Desk, operating chair, 2 guest chairs, chest of drawers and wall doors for storage
-Assigned exclusively to you
-Office cleaning service, once a week
-Possibility to receive envelopes and small packages, up to 5kg
-Utilities already included: electricity, water, heating and air conditioning
-High speed, wireless and wired internet connection, flat
-12-seat meeting room with crystal table, 60-inch large screen, 2 hours per month
-Recreation room with tables and dining chairs, microwave, oven, stove and refrigerator
-Convenient and large indoor parking, with video surveillance
-Well-maintained reception entrance, with waiting room for guests
-Access to the structure through innovative home automation system Control Manager
-Technical staff on request to ensure maximum efficiency of the office

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OfficeNow Smart Working Offices, located between Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP) and the Swiss border, is the complex of Furnished Offices that comes from our desire to enhance the importance of your time when you work. Just pay for the time you need.

OfficeNow Business Center, a few steps from the center of Milan, is the new center of Uffici Arredati born from our passion for design and creativity. A multifaceted and convivial place, venue of events and meetings, is the perfect location for those seeking tranquility and comfort in all its professional forms.

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